Although we are a marketing agency that can help many types of businesses, one of my favorite types of business owners to work with is chiropractors.

While all of the services I offer can help a chiropractor get more patients, there are certain things to be aware of, that unfortunately a lot of other local marketing agencies are not.

I was attending a webinar on how to ‘target’ chiropractors and why to ‘target’ chiropractors.

The things that they were telling other marketers to do were violations of HIPAA. I asked him about it on the Q&A and called him out. He said, “If a Chiro gets in trouble, that’s why they have insurance!” (LOL)

This guy obviously had no clue. Sadly, the advice being bandied about can get a D.C. into some issues if the marketing professional doesn’t have a clue about what you can and cannot LEGALLY do as a chiropractor.

While this should probably be a blog post, I want to put it here, because I feel so strongly about it.

When I was a little boy a chiropractor saved my life! Literally. I was unable to have a BM for two weeks! I don’t remember much (thankfully) but the M.D’s wanted to do surgery. This would have left me going through life with a colostomy bag. My grandmother drove me 1,246 miles from our small town in ND to Arizona to a family friend who we called ‘Doc’. Doc did ‘adjustments’ in a few days, I was now ‘regular.’

That’s just one instance where I am thankful for D.C’s.

I have marketing advice and products and services specifically for D.C’s.

I am a best selling author. If you want, you can check out my book.

chiropractor marketing secrets

Thanks for checking this out and letting me rant πŸ™‚

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