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SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)

If you have a website and have not had Search Engine Optimization done to it then you might as well be trying to hide your website from the entire world. Today’s professionals and businesses must have SEO done to their websites to make sure people can find them online. Whether you market your brand and business on a regional or national scale, or if you have a business that services your customers locally SEO can help get your website noticed. SEO helps you reach your target market and improve and increase your revenue.

What is SEO?

While it might seem like ‘magic’ search engine optimization is the process of improving the ranking of your web pages on search engines.The goal of an  SEO campaign is to target specific keywords  to push your web pages to the top of the organic (unpaid)  search results on Google, Yahoo and Bing.  With a professional SEO campaign, your  prospects will find your website when they search for your business, or type of business online.

Why Do You Need SEO Today?

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Did you know that  each year Google changes their algorithm to rank websites 500-600 times?  Businesses need leads they can convert to customers. Surveys show that SEO ranks highest with growing importance as a source of leads, gaining a grade of 94% — beating social media (85%), emails (79%), and blogs (68%). Studies also found that the level of SEO being conducted by businesses is directly proportional with the conversion rates they get. A business doing trial or basic SEO gets only 2% conversion rate but that rises when the business moves up to more advanced and long term SEO with 10% average conversion rate.

You need SEO to improve your search engine rankings to increase traffic! Boost your leads and sales and grow your business! Get an SEO package now!


Why Google?

We keep up with the changes so you don’t have too!  All of our SEO methods and procedures follow  Google’s recommendations. Google owns a commanding 66.80% market share. If you can be found in Google, you’ll have the upper hand  the search rankings over your competition. People will find you if they can find you on Google.

White Hat SEO

Unlike other freelancers and agencies, we ONLY use “white hat” strategies. These are ‘Google approved’, and what Google actually says will get your site ranked higher in the search engines.  Google and other search engines hate “black hat” ranking techniques.  Some of these optimization efforts like spamming, keyword stuffing, and cloaking can get your site penalized and possibly de-indexed from the search engines.  All of our methodologies abide by the latest algorithm updates by Google, such as Penguin and Panda updates.

What We Do – SEO Services

I won’t bore you with the gory details of everything that goes into an effective campaign.  SEO involves the application of complex guidelines and  techniques in the design, architecture, coding, content, promotion, and linking of your website. It starts with intelligent research on the best keywords or search queries your prospects search in Google.

Here are just a few of the things involved in an SEO campaign.

  • Keyword and On-page SEO Research and Analysis
  • Account Setups
  • Business Directory and Press Release Sites Setup
  • On-site Blog and Authorship Configuration
  • On-page Website Optimization
  • Content Generation and Optimization
  • Content Distribution
  • Competitive Link Building
  • Website Speed Optimization and Security

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