Not all social media posts are equal

Social Media Value vs. ResourcesNot all social media posts are equal in terms of value for customers and resources spent making it. We have broken posts down into four sections for you to better understand their value. These are sharing content, engaging with followers, promotions and advertisements, and custom content creation.

Many managers and small business owners misuse social media as a platform to promote their business. Social media was not intended for this sole purpose. We have found that many unsuccessful pages constantly promoting to drive sales. Although the short-term benefits are obvious, this will ruin the long-term growth of your business. We recommend to follow the simple 80/20 rule. The value provided will consist of a mixture of other content like quotes, pictures, articles, videos, and other creative content.

80 value/20 promotion

Even managers who know they should offer value to customers commonly misinterpret and try to take the easy way out. Sharing other peoples and businesses content is a common way to “offer value” to customers. But, do your customers really value this type of content? No!

Although sharing content can consist of a small part of your social media posts it should not be the majority. Both engaging with followers on a one to one level and custom content creation give far more value. Custom content can also reach a larger audience which is beneficial, but has less of an impact on individual followers.

One on one engagement offers the most value and takes very little time. That followers will likely become an advocate for you and your business because of the personalized attention and care. Isn’t that what you want from a business. That’s what you should offer to your followers.

We want to note that we do not specifically mention which social media platform or what kind of content. Every business and market is different and would require an analysis for that unique business.

In general, videos and pictures work the best. We also find that humanizing your business with fun and interesting content gets the most value. Show the real side of your business with employee birthdays, messes and spills, happy customers, and more. The more unique you can make it the better.

Social media is a common growth strategy that many of our clients utilize after they learn the intricate details of how to get the most out of it. We also manage several pages to save business owners time or create custom content for them. Each business is unique and has to figure out what is best for them. Utilizing dark posts, campaigns, and stats take time to figure out and use as well. If done correctly, it can help maximize your growth with social media and its massive audience.

We hope you found this helpful!


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