How Social Media in Search Results is Affecting Your Business

Google seach with TwitterIts 2015 and most small businesses are not active on social media. I want to stress the use of active, because sharing posts from others is not being active. Active includes giving valuable content that your followers want and engaging with them on a one-on-one level. Twitter and Facebook allows you to do this in minutes, but very few business owners and managers take that time. Facebook and Twitter allows you to get in front of more and more potential customers. If you use it correctly it can also bump you up in search results and build your credibility and brand.  To prove this I have taken a screen

shot of one of our employees in the search results for his name. Like many searches of local businesses, Google is now showing the resent Tweets within the search results. Shown here is my recent article he wrote on LinkedIn about using Yik Yak. A valuable tool that small businesses can use. I stress valuable in that statement. 

If a potential customer searched for your business and your most recent Tweets showed up, what would they think of your business? Many businesses are sharing other peoples content or having a auto post forward from another social media platform. This has little to no value and can turn many customers away. Your customers are also annoyed by it too.

Your online presence is a collective of everything about you online. It works together so that your online reputation, website, and social media all work together in a kind of synergy. This is why SEO doesn’t work for some businesses who don’t utilize social media and ignore their reviews online. We can talk about that a later time.

The reason I wanted to share this screenshot is to show you how social media is effecting your credibility and eventually your bottom line. Consider creating a plan or campaign to better engage your customers and add value to their online experience. People love to share things and they will also gossip about your business, so make it good things.

Thank you for reading. I hope this helps and let us know if you have any questions!


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