A Chiropractor Saved My Life

Although we are a marketing agency that can help many types of businesses, one of my favorite types of business owners to work with is chiropractors.

While all of the services I offer can help a chiropractor get more patients, there are certain things to be aware of, that unfortunately a lot of other local marketing agencies are not.

I was attending a webinar about marketing for chiropractors to see what I could learn.

The things that they were telling other marketers to do were violations of HIPAA. I asked him about it on the Q&A and called him out. He said, “If a Chiro gets in trouble, that’s why they have insurance!” (LOL)

This guy obviously had no clue. Sadly, the advice being bandied about can get a D.C. into some issues if the marketing professional doesn’t have a clue about what you can and cannot LEGALLY do as a chiropractor.

When I was a little boy a chiropractor saved my life! Literally. I was unable to have a BM for two weeks! I don’t remember much (thankfully) but the M.D’s wanted to do surgery. This would have left me going through life with a colostomy bag. My grandmother drove me 1,246 miles from our small town in ND to Arizona to a family friend who we called ‘Doc’. Doc did ‘adjustments’ in a few days, I was now ‘regular.’

That’s just one instance where I am thankful for D.C’s.

Years later, I fell on the ice. The next morning I was unable to raise my leg more than 1/2″ without being in horrible pain.  I went to a traditional M.D. and after a $600 bill for x-rays, I was scheduled for surgery 5 days later. I did get some really good pain meds though 🙂 While I was getting my prescription filled my friend who is a pharmacy tech and was filling my prescription asked me what happened. I told her and she said. “Have you seen a chiropractor?” Honestly the thought at the time didn’t occur to me.

I went to see a chiropractor and 45 minutes later I was doing deep knee bends with zero pain!

Just like any profession, there are those that are Great, some that are good or O.K, and some that just shouldn’t be practicing.

For all my friends and clients who are chiropractors-keep up the good work!

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Thanks for checking this out and letting me rant 🙂

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